How to Evaluate the Impermeability of Your Roof?

Here Are Some Warning Signs that Your Roof Is in a Poor Condition.


There are marks on the ceiling, paint and plaster flaking off, wallpaper peeling off, or fading at the junction of walls and ceilings.

In the Attic

The sheathing and rafters become dark or humid. The insulation is damp, especially after a heavy rain.

On the Roof

The roof is over ten years of age, the shingles' protective granules detach, fine cracks appear on the surface of shingles, granules accumulate in the gutters, the shingles break, undulations appear in the horizontal alignment of the shingles, the shingles lift or curl, the flashings crack, and the caulking is too dry.

Does Your Roof Need an Evaluation?

A damaged or dilapidated roof should never be neglected because it compromises the comfort and safety of your home. If you have any reason to believe that your roof is not in good condition, you should seek an evaluation by a professional. The qualified personnel at Toitures Cossette can arrive at the site, accurately assess the need for renovation and maintenance – or even new construction – and provide you with a quote that meets all of your expectations. Each estimate must take account of the architecture as well as the age and design of the building. That is why it is essential that it be performed by an expert. What better than an assessment to know the real needs of your roof?

From Anywhere in Outaouais, Give Us a Call

Our professionals can go anywhere in Ottawa to assess the condition of your roof, whether it be a commercial or residential building. At your request, they can draw up a detailed quote, including an estimate of the cost.

Whether you are in the entire Outaouais region, in Aylmer, Gatineau, Hull, Ottawa and the surrounding area, don't hesitate to take advantage of our services and request a quote.

A Roofing Estimate That Meets Your Needs

The qualified personnel at Toitures Cossette undergo advanced training on an annual basis to better serve you. They are able to offer expertise and advice, while meeting your needs and your budget. Be sure that you get an evaluation of your roof and a detailed quote from trustworthy experts, such as those at Toitures Cossette.

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